E-cigarettes an emerging alternative

Positive Health Benefits of Vapor Cigarettes Discussed by Tech-Cigarette.com

Tribble Vapors is among the first group of e-cigarette retail outlets in the region. The shop is named for Castlemans partner in the business. Castleman lives in St. Louis but stays with family in Springfield as needed to take care of the shop. Herself a smoker for nearly 30 years, Castleman said there are probably 15 to 20 e-cigarette shops in the St.
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Tech-Cigarette ( EMAILWIRE.COM , July 14, 2013 ) Dallas, Texas — Positive health benefits of vapor cigarettes can be felt by the concerned smoker, when the switch of made from smoking a regular cigarette to a smokeless cigarette. While it cannot be claimed that electronic cigarettes have positive health benefits on smokers as after all, they are also a smoking device that is used by smokers to fulfill their nicotine cravings in the most appropriate manner, yet the fact remains that while comparing an electronic cigarette with a real cigarette, the preference would always be given to a smokeless cigarette, for obvious reasons. Positive health benefits of vapor cigarettes in 2013 have been felt specifically by those smoking enthusiasts who would like to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and opt for e cigs instead. Apparently, such smoking enthusiasts are always seeking ways and means of locating the most appropriate method of meeting their nicotine cravings, which is both effective as well as pleasant on the mental and physical health of the concerned individual. Hence, when a comparative analysis is made, it would not be incorrect to state that e cigs are free from carcinogens, tobacco, smoke, tar, ash, as well as over 4000 highly toxic chemicals that are always present in tobacco cigarettes.
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Electronic Cigarette Uk Supplier Says Policy Must Be Changed

Those favouring regulation site the varying quality of products and concern over nicotine strength. Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies said: More and more people are using e-cigarettes, so its only right these products are properly regulated to be safe and work effectively. Commenting on their strength, Dave Dorn who runs the e-cig community site Vapour trails said, controlling the dose of users is based on the assumption that medical professional know the amount needed, but one size doesnt fit all.
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Puff Enuff electronic cigarette store holds grand opening

The next day after I tried them I quit smoking and decided I wanted to open something like this, Adams said. Framed above the register is the last pack of cigarettes Adams said he ever bought since trying the electronic cigarettes in March. There are 29,000 smokers in the three counties in the area, Adams said, adding that he thought, so far, he had converted around 150 of those smokers and planned to keep spreading the word.
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EU regulation of e-cigarettes a step closer

As co-chair of the MEPs against Cancer forum in the European Parliament, I have campaigned and pressed for this anti-tobacco legislation for a long time, she said. I am delighted that today we voted against the massive negative industry lobbying campaign whichtried to try to delay, block and defeat this legislation. The vote today called for pictorial health warnings covering 75 per cent of a cigarette package, front and back,as mandatory in the EU. The MEPs also voted to regulate e-cigarettes, which Childers said need sensible regulation, as well as a ban on slim cigarettes. The proposals will go to a plenary vote and if they pass this, will go on to negotiations with member states of the council. A spokesperson for Childers said they were pretty confident the parliament vote will be strong on the proposals, but that the battle is against the member states.
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Electronic cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming

He started running after switching from smoking to vaping. “I feel healthier, I’m more energetic,” he says. The problem is that little is known about the precise dangers of being in the same space as a vaper indulging their e-habit. Bialous says few studies have been done, and they were small and focused on a few brands. Personal vaporizers, and the “juice,” which is liquid laced with nicotine, in them, are so different from one another that the emissions of one may not match those of another.
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Electronic cigarettes could hit BAT and Imperial Tobacco harder than expected, say analysts

Our modelling suggests that tobacco companies will need to win a greater share of e-cigarettes than they have in tobacco to preserve short-term margins: e-cigarette margins will be lower in the early years. The volume decline in the UK tobacco market, for example, could accelerate to as much as 10% compound annual growth rate. It appears to us that BAT is currently more advanced in its e-cigarette thinking than Imperial Tobacco. We are downgrading BAT from hold to sell (price target from 3225p to 3000p), and Imperial Tobacco from buy to hold (price target from 2900p to 2450p). But with the stock market heading higher once more there has been no immediate impact.
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Corona Couple Sues After E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Car

Im supposed to stay out of the sun for at least two years, she said. Gregory Bentley is representing the Ries in a lawsuit against Benham Zolgdahr, the retailer, and Corona-based VapCigs. When a company, regardless of who it is, puts a product into the marketplace, it should be safe, he said. Bentley said the bigger issue is that while the e-cigarette industry is growing rapidly, its not being regulated. Right now, at least how it stands, the FDA is regulating this whole industry as a tobacco product, so all of the component parts, including the battery, the charger, and so on, are not tested for safety, he said.
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Best E Cigarette Comparison Chart At EsmokeHub.com Is Gaining Popularity

The liquid in the e-cigarette can be changed immediately as per choice. The Joyetech e-cigarette is used to impress few people which may include elite clients in the business, circle, socialites, friends and others. A senior official from Evaps Fr shared that, “This Joyetech e-cigarette has been designed after plenty of research on social human behavior in regards to smokers.
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Evaps Launches the New Vapor Intelligent e Cigarette

Jim one of the visitors of the website EsmokeHub.com said, The e cigarette comparison chart and e cigarette reviews are a real time and money saver. I wanted to switch to electronic cigarette for a while, but was reluctant to buy one. The website helped me learn about electronic cigarettes. I purchased V2 Cigs that is no 1 electronic cigarette brand on the website and I am really happy with my purchase. There are many other smokers who refer to the e cigarette comparison chart on the website before buying an e cigarette .
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